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While no couple enters into a marriage expecting it to end, it is always a good idea to ensure your future is protected in the event of divorce. Having a prenuptial agreement in place is an effective backup plan. These types of agreements determine certain responsibilities and rights of both spouses during the marriage, and prenuptial agreements can outline how property is to be divided in case divorce occurs.

In Virginia, a prenuptial agreement may include the following:

  • Spousal support
  • Obligations and rights related to the property
  • The creation of a trust, will, or other arrangements to execute the agreement terms
  • The right to dispose of, manage, encumber, sell, mortgage, buy, create a security interest in, transfer, use, assign, exchange, expend, consume, abandon, lease, and control property.
  • Any other matter (including personal obligations and rights) that does not violate public policy or a criminal statute

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