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Matters of child custody and visitation happen when parents separate or divorce, or were never married in the first place. Custody relates to decision-making and where the child resides, whereas visitation relates to the schedule of when the child visits with his or her parents. Both are important legal issues for any parent and their children, as having a visitation schedule can help avoid conflict between parents and foster relationships between parents and children, even when both parents do not live together.

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How Is Visitation Determined in VA?

Unless there are valid reasons for denying visitation, such as a history of abuse or neglect, the court usually presumes it is in the child’s best interests to spend time with both parents.

When determining a visitation schedule, the court will look at the following factors, and more:

  • Both parents’ work schedules
  • Distance traveled for visitation
  • Daycare and/or school schedules
  • “Special days,” such as holidays, weekends, and birthdays
  • Child’s medical appointments and extracurricular activities
  • Availability of transportation and willingness of parents to cooperate in this matter

Visitation during the pandemic has been challenging for many. Check out our write up about it here.

At McCollam Wright, PLLC, our visitation attorneys in Manassas have helped individuals with these types of legal needs for years. As a result, we are intimately familiar with this area of law, and we know what it takes to succeed. Our legal team can effectively guide you through the complex process and help you make sound choices about your future and family. As your representative, we will fight aggressively to help you get the results you need.

Helping Unwed Parents

In the case of a divorce, where both parents were married and are now separating, visitation, custody, and child support are all important pieces of your divorce settlement. However, unwed parents may also seek visitation through the courts. While there is a presumption that an unwed mother is the biological parent of their child, no such presumption exists for unwed fathers. In these cases, the father would have to establish paternity by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) or undergoing a genetic test to assert or prove that they are the biological father. After paternity has been established, the unwed father can then seek visitation of their child.

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