Foster McCollam, PLLC Becomes Foster | McCollam | Wright

As we continue to grow our practice in Manassas and the surrounding areas, we’d like to introduce a small change to our firm. Don’t worry! You’ll still have access to the high-quality representation you’ve come to expect from our business, but we’ll simply be advocating for our clients under a different name.

Introducing Our New & Improved Firm

Like Foster McCollam before, Foster | McCollam | Wright is a collection of caring and capable attorneys in Manassas and throughout Virginia. Now, we have even more experience under our belts and an even better understanding of family law, criminal defense, and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SJIS).

We are excited to ring in this change with the new year and new decade and to continue fighting for your best interests in every legal battle you face. Your goal remains our focus and our clients are still our utmost priority. We will continue to educate Manassas residents and guide them through every step of their legal journeys, and we plan to add new chapters to our history of success.

Meet Foster | McCollam | Wright – Get in Touch Today

Whether you’re a new or returning client, if you’re facing legal challenges, we encourage you to contact our firm.

Our team at Foster | McCollam | Wright cares about your story and wants to hear it at your earliest convenience.

Get started right away with a phone call to (703) 420-7011 – and don’t forget to schedule a case evaluation while you’re at it!